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Occupational Health and Safety Form Application

Many occupational health and safety forms are still paper-based, which often leads to conflicts in terms of managing workers’ compensation and employer reporting. At TurboFormZ, we offer a better alternative to businesses across Canada: a digital occupational health and safety form! To save you management and prevention time, we offer a dematerialized and digital occupational health and safety form service to all companies.

Let TurboFormZ help you manage your company’s occupational health and safety!

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TurboFormZ – Simple Occupational Health and Safety Form

Whether you need an occupational health and safety form to get information from your employees, conduct a worker safety injury prevention session, or conduct an investigation following a workplace injury, we have the solution for you. No more managing the occupational health and safety form on paper: choose the best online occupational health and safety software!

Whether you need an occupational health and safety form to get information from your employees, conduct a worker safety injury prevention session, or conduct an investigation following a workplace injury, we have the solution for you. No more managing the occupational health and safety form on paper: choose the best online occupational health and safety software!

Modify your worker health and safety documents in real time with an occupational health and safety form

Facilitate the work of your human resources and improve your occupational health and safety management with a form accessible by mobile applications. Occupational health and safety documents are indispensable in the life of any employer, whether for training purposes in certain environments or for conducting an investigation. They also increase productivity by letting you check worker health records at a glance from your smartphone or mobile device!

Our forms are designed to be flexible and fit your needs perfectly. So you can use our tool to generate and customize the occupational health and safety form, and include as many parameters as you want!

What are the benefits of using TurboFormZ?

Our occupational health and safety form offers a variety of benefits for everyone in the company. Whether you are an employee completing the hazard prevention form or an employer creating the entire form, the TurboFormZ digital tool is perfect for you. 

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Our forms are simple to create and easy to use

Whether it’s the person creating and managing the occupational health and safety form or the person filling it out, we’ve made it as easy as possible to use our tool!

Forms are built in minutes using a drag and drop function and are immediately ready to be shared with your employees. With different types of fields, the option to add mandatory sections and the ability to create an OH&S form in both English and French, you provide the best possible experience for your employees and your human resources. 

Save your employees and HR time

With TurboFormZ’s customizable online forms, there’s no need to collect all your occupational health and safety forms in one place!

A simple search in the tool will allow you to find specific information, whether it’s hazardous materials in inventory or in circulation, a vocational training program or a workplace hazard prevention activity, the steps to take in the event of an accident in the workplace, finding the best occupational health and safety advice or any other project data filed online.

Choosing the right occupational health and safety management tool saves time at every level of the company!

It saves you money

Digital and dematerialized documents mean saving paper. But that’s not the only way TurboFormZ can save you money!

All your documents related to your occupational health and safety form are now in one place thanks to our cloud-based solution (accessible with a simple internet access), and we offer packages that are accessible to all companies rather than paying per use. This way, administrative staff creating a form for a given project and employees all have access to the same information and can access it in real time without slowing down their other tasks.

TurboFormZ lets you standardize your data

Nothing is more annoying than standards that change regularly. Paper type, content, font, header. With TurboFormZ’s customizable forms, you as an employer now have control over these elements when creating documents and producing worker health and safety related documents.

This way, you only need to use the same or similar templates for all your documents and all your information will be standardized according to your choices. Even better, TurboFormZ takes care of the validation of the sheets.

You can customize it any way you want

The beauty of using TurboFormZ’s online occupational health and safety form, aside from the significant cost savings, is that you can customize them any way you want.

When creating the forms, you choose the elements that will be accessible to the employees who will fill them out. Prevention program, location of an accident, nature of an accident, training services, etc. Simply drag and drop the elements you need, rename them to apply to your situation and you’re done!

Information is safe

Our online platform is highly secure and you can rest assured that your information will remain confidential and that only you will have access to it. Your sensitive data will remain out of reach of anyone who does not have access to the platform thanks to an electronic security lock.

The original documents will always be in the cloud and whether you are on site or thousands of miles away, you will always have access to your original documents created by you or your team.

It's Shareable

Our occupational health and safety form tool is not only easy to use, secure and environmentally friendly, it is also very versatile and easy to share via the internet.

Each of the forms you create can be exported and become PDF forms for example. You can then send it by email or using another tool. All of our forms can be edited or viewed using any device, whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Getting help is easy

H3: Getting help is easy

We have the resources you need if you have problems. If you get stuck when creating a form, you can count on our team of representatives and customer service to help you.

If you have any questions while creating your questionnaire, you can call on our technical support service which is there to assist you. It’s free!


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TurboFormZ offers a basic package that provides companies with an occupational health and safety software that is accessible to an unlimited number of users. Let your employees and managers access the health and safety form anywhere, anytime, with a digital accident management and prevention tool!

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What is occupational health and safety?

Worker health and safety covers many specialties. In its most general sense, it should seek to:

  • promote and maintain the highest possible degree of physical, mental and social health of workers in all occupations;
  • prevent adverse effects on the well-being of workers due to their working conditions;
  • Protect workers from hazards that may affect their health;
  • provide and maintain employees in a work environment that meets their physical and mental needs.

The health and safety of workers covers all facets of their social, psychological and physical well-being.

To ensure worker safety, employers (or companies) and employees (or workers) must collaborate on health and safety (H&S) programs, including occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, toxicology, training, machine safety, ergonomics, psychology, etc.

Because worker health issues are generally more difficult to address than safety issues, they tend to receive less attention from employers. However, when we talk about health, we are also talking about safety, because a healthy workplace is necessarily a safe workplace. But the reverse is not always true. A workplace can be safe without necessarily being healthy. Health and safety must be considered in all workplaces. Overall, the above broad definition of worker health and safety covers health and safety issues in a broad sense.

Why is worker health and safety important?

Most people spend at least eight hours a day working for someone else, whether they are employed by a company, government agency, non-profit organization, etc. Therefore, the work environment should be healthy and comfortable. Unfortunately, this is not the case for some workers.

Every day, workers across Canada are exposed to a variety of health risks:

  • dust;
  • gases
  • noise;
  • vibration;
  • temperature extremes.

What are each person’s responsibilities for occupational health and safety?

Management and workers share responsibility for occupational health and safety. Supervisors and managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety laws.

A person’s responsibilities can be defined as his or her obligations to perform the tasks assigned to him or her. Authority involves the right and ability to make decisions and direct others. You can delegate responsibility and authority to others by giving them permission to act on behalf of others, such as superiors. It is important to remember that while some responsibilities cannot be delegated, the supervisor must remain accountable for their execution.

To fulfill their responsibilities, individuals must be able to make decisions and direct people as needed. A supervisor gives someone else the responsibility to act on his or her behalf, but remains accountable for the results achieved by that person.

These responsibilities apply to everyone in the company, including its president or CEO. By stating these responsibilities, each worker knows exactly what he or she must do to ensure the safety of others.

To be able to fulfill their individual responsibilities, people must:

  • Know these responsibilities (communication required).
  • Have the authority to carry out these responsibilities (organizational issue).
  • Have the necessary skills and knowledge (such as those obtained through education, training or certification).

If the above conditions are met, supervisors can evaluate employees’ safety performance on the same basis as other job requirements. Safety is not something you can “add on” to your responsibilities; it is something you must always think about.

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